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March JPA Mission

The March JPA, in addition to being designated as the federally recognized reuse authority for the former active duty base, has also assumed other responsibilities. These authorities include:

California Redevelopment Agency
The March Joint Powers Redevelopment Agency was established with the formation of the March AFB Redevelopment Project Area, which includes the entire 6,500-acre former active duty base area, and approximately 450 acres adjacent to the base in the industrial area of the City of Moreno Valley.

Land Use Authority
On March 11, 1997, land use authority was transferred to March JPA from the County of Riverside. The March JPA has adopted development and building codes and standards. The March JPA General Plan has been developed by the March JPA in accordance with state statutes, as well as the associated Master Environmental Impact Report. The March JPA General Plan is designed to implement the March Final Reuse Plan and related activities.

Airport Authority
March Inland Port Airport Authority (MIPAA), is a governing body under the governance umbrella of the March JPA. MIPAA is responsible for the development and operation of the March Inland Port (MIP), a joint-use aviation facility targeted for air cargo operations.