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Chronology of Base Realignment Activities

March Field Established 1918 Riverside community purchases property to convey to the US Army at Alessandro Heights.
MAFB – Pre- Realignment 1947-1996 Multiple Air Force, Reserve, and National Guard missions. Over 8,000 full-time employees at realignment.
Pre-BRAC 1992-1993 Communities generate support to keep MAFB open and make their position to the public and the BRAC Commission.
BRAC Decision July 1993 BRAC Commission announced the realignment of MAFB to an Air Force Reserve installation, effective April 1996, with the President accepting the proposal.
Formation of March JPA September 1993 Resolutions from Riverside County and the Cities of Perris, Moreno Valley, and Riverside.
JPA Operations January 1994 Joint Powers Commission sets policies; hires initial staff; procures first grant from Office of Economic Adjustment; initiates base reuse planning process.
MAFB Master Reuse Plan September 1994 Assembly Bill 3769 was passed by the California Legislature, granting special authority to permit the development of the Base.
AB 3769 September 1994 Assembly Bill 3769 was passed by the California Legislature, granting special authority to permit the development of the Base.
Federal Real Property Screening May 1994 Air Force publishes a listing of properties that are excess to its needs in Federal Register; other agencies have opportunity to “claim” for their use.
Homeless Assistance Planning December 1994 JPA submitted request to Secretary of Defense to conduct homeless assistance screening and planning under new legislation.
Homeless Assistance Plan December 1995 JPA adopted the homeless assistance plan.
Interim Leases 1995-1998 The JPA and the Air Force agree to terms on a number of interim leases; the JPA sub-lease the facilities to tenants.
Establish March JPA Redevelopment Agency January 1996 The JPA established the Agency, after July 1995 the JPA instituted feasibility analyses to examine the potential of establishing a redevelopment agency.
Final EIS March 1996 The Air Force issued the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS).
Adoption of Redevelopment Plan July 1996 Certification of Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR), and adoption of March JPA Redevelopment Agency Project Area & Plan.
Golf Course Public Benefit Conveyance December 1996 The National Park Service approved the JPA’s application for a no-cost conveyance of the March AFB Golf Course.
General Plan March 1997 JPA assumes land use control for all surplus property; JPA staff begins process of completing California General Plan.
“Joint Use Agreement” May 1997 The Air Force and the JPA formally signed a “Joint Use Agreement” for the shared use of the airfield facilities.
First Partial “Record of Decision” (ROD) May 1997 The Air Force signed the first Partial ROD designating the final cantonment area boundaries and the properties to be designated as “airport related” in a future conveyance.
Airport Public Benefit Conveyance June 1997 The Federal Aviation Administration approved the JPA’s public benefit conveyance application for the “airport related” properties.
Adopted Development Code July 1997 The March JPA with receiving land use authority adopts “civilian” development codes and standards, and the Uniform Building and Fire Codes.
Green Acres for Lease February 1998 Green Acres historic housing is available to the public for lease.
Record of Decision – Utilities April 1999 A Supplemental Record of Decision issued on the surplus utility systems at March, including the entire water and wastewater system.
Issuance of Biological Opinion November 1999 The Air Force and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service complete the Section 7 consultation relative to endangered species at March AFB, and a new biological opinion is issued.
Approval of Homeless Assistance Plan TBD The Federal agencies approve the March JPA Homeless Assistance Plan.
Record of Decision TBD The Air Force will issue a Record of Decision on the remaining surplused property at March to facilitate transfer of property to end users.
Economic Development Conveyance TBD The Air Force and the JPA negotiate the terms and conditions of an economic development conveyance, which is the sale of the remaining surplus property to the JPA.
Property Conveyance TBD The Air Force conveys property to new owners per the multiple ROD.